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EP8: Living Authentically with Yvette Harris, Your PR Publicist

Welcome to episode #8, Everyone! Today we have a special guest who listened to that voice within, stepped out on faith and has garnered a professional legacy of working with cultural communities with a focus on amplifying the very broad lens of women of color. Yvette Harris is the PR Publicist you need, she is always Love & Light. She's your Sis that not only tells you BUT show's you the glass is truly half full - and, she follows it up with a dozen happy reasons why & ideas to execute. Can we collectively shout, Yes and Yes!!

As we prepare to close out 2020 and hopefully kick-off 2021 on a higher vibration, this interview is right on time. I hope you enjoy listening to this midlifers' journey of tuning into that inner voice to lead the way.


Contact Yvette:

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