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EP6: The Adventurous Midlifer

Lisa James is a 54 yo empty nester who started @adventurousmidlifer to encourage and inspire other midlifers not to be afraid to travel. Her philosophy is: “there is no expiration date on having an adventure, except when we expire.” {Love that!}

If I had to describe Lisa James with one adjective, it would be FEARLESS!!! Fearless in how she's raised her kids, how she's lived her life, her adventures. She also shares how she gets her amazing travel deals and what travel has been like since COVID. This is for the fearless & fun crew, let's go!

Thanks so kindly for sharing your time with us today. We'd love to get your feedback, please leave a review and don't forget to subscribe for future episodes of the Designing Midlife podcast.

Lisa James, The Adventurous Midlifer

IG: @adventurousmidlifer

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