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EP 7: Breast Health Real Talk with Dr. Donna Marie Manasseh

Today we're learning all things related to breast health with Dr. Donna Marie Manasseh.  I hope you'll agree with me that Dr. Manasseh and I covered all the bases (from what to expect from your doctors, to the impact of weight, what we eat and much more).  I'm also sharing for the first time in a public platform my personal breast story.

Dr. Donna-Marie Manasseh is the Director of Breast Surgery at the Maimonides Breast Cancer Center in Brooklyn, NY. Prior to joining the Maimonides team, she was the Co-Director of the Women's Breast Center and the Chief of Breast Surgery at Stamford Hospital. She is a strong advocate of empowering women by educating them about breast health and disease, in the hopes that this education will lead to earlier detection and a better chance of being cured. Dr. Manasseh is a graduate of Harvard Medical School and I think I could have spent the entire episode listing her numerous awards and accolades {smile}.  She is a treasure, ladies. 

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You can find Dr. Manasseh here. If you're not already, follow along for more midlife musings on Instagram @designingmidlife.

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