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EP 03: Designing Our Home to Support our Wellness

Music, color and the spaces we fill all impact on our moods. So how can we take a fresh look at our homes and be intentional about creating environments that nurture our wellness? How can we turn our homes into sanctuaries for ourselves and for our families? In this episode, Taj gives us access to her home and talks about how she reworked the space to create areas of rest, fun and retreat. Today we want to encourage you to look at the place where you spend most of your time - your home - and think about how each room makes you feel. Great spaces create positive feelings and your environment is so important for your wellbeing. Learn how to make small changes for a huge impact. We’d love to hear from you midlifers. Share your thoughts and let's chat. One Love, Taj.


EPISODE 3 continues to be our most popular with over 1,000 downloads and counting. We consider it a sign of the times as we all need our homes to serve us better. Taj has created a PDF download of the script for you to keep as reference in hopes that it inspires you.

Designing Midlife Podcast Episode 3 - DE
Download • 232KB

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